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The Intelligent Eye

The Intelligent Eye

The secret artist, Donna Chaasadah, (Lady of Mercy) feels that she is a soul born from a far away secrete star and brought to this planet were she is invisible and can only be seen through leaving a legacy in the art world.

As a child she was very sickly and found great company in paint by number sets to pass the time.  Through years of dedication and practice these paint sets were responsible for setting her off on the road to becoming an avid artist.  She has had her art hung in museums, galleries and in homes across the country and collected internationally and still remains humble.

She is viewed as having a kind of eccentric personality, as the masters of the past and present, but in truth she feels that a creative spirit follows her and accompanies her, actually doing all the work through her, using her as a vessel to portray the many facets and dimensions of life on this planet. She feels she is not responsible for the art that she does …when stepping back from a piece, she states she does not feel that it was her that painted the art but felt the presence of another.

Although having the ability to paint in many styles this artist is very reclusive when it comes to presenting her creative abilities to the public. Her style is hard to put in one category, being she paints in all genres. She paints how and where the spirit takes her.

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